Seasonal + Specialty Workshops

Our educational classes cover a variety of topics for those gardening in the Southwest.  Discover all we have to offer below...past and current workshops. 

"I go to NATURE every day for inspiration in the day's work" ~Frank Lloyd Wright

Anti-Inflammatory Foods Workshop

November 18, 2018 



Dr. Jenna Dye, Naturopathic Physician will give an introduction on Anti-inflammatory foods, some of which you can grow in your own backyard.  Anti-inflammatory foods can help reduce inflammation in the body which is beneficial for decreasing the risk of chronic disease and improving overall quality of life. 

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Immune System Boosting Workshop

December 9, 2018



Learn how to boost your immune system naturally and be prepared for the upcoming cold/flu season. Dr. Jenna Dye, Naturopathic Physician, will discuss home remedies, herbs and plants that can be used to strengthen  and protect the immune system and help alleviate symptoms associated with those common winter illnesses.

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Past Workshops

Fall Gardening for Beginners and Beyond

October 2018


The arrival of Fall brings a new opportunity to grow a glorious garden of vegetables, herbs and flowers. Have you been dreaming about your very own salad garden of lovely, leafy greens? We can help make it happen - whether you are new to gardening or want to learn how to be more successful. Join local grower, Emily Heller for gardening fun, learning and inspiration. 

Medicinal Properties of Garden Herbs and Flowers

Summer 2018


Learn about the medicinal properties of garden herbs and flowers growing in your own backyard.  Dr. Jenna Dye, Naturopathic Physician, will discuss various herbs, plants and flowers and how they are used in her practice as well as simple home remedies you can put to use.

Monsoon Meetup

Summer 2018


Monsoon Season Arrives in the Low Desert. Rainfall and higher humidity are a welcome change of season for your garden. It's less stressful for your plants - and it's a new planting opportunity, too! Learn about the vegetables, herbs and flowers you can plant right now.


Fall 2018

Create a succulent centerpiece for your Fall Holiday table in this hands on workshop. The WITG team will teach you how to prepare and how to plant your pumpkin with a variety of succulents. We will also teach you how to replant them once the pumpkin is no longer needed. 


Spring 2018

How to plant, grow and care for different tomato varieties.


Spring 2018

Overview for gardening herbs, vegetables and flowers during the Spring season in the Southwest.

SUMMER Kids Workshops

2018 Summer Garden Activities

Every Saturday in July 

9AM to 1PM 


*Open House Style - Just drop in

July 7th: Tissue Paper Flower Pots

July 14th: Garden Seed Bombs

July 21st: Cheerios Bird Feeders

July 28th: Botanical Suncatchers